Are you confused by this whole notion of a "fanlisting?" Hopefully this page will answer any questions you have.

Put simply, fanlistings are exactly what they sound like: a list of fans. Essentially, they are a small website (or part of a larger site), consisting of said list. Fanlistings originated in 2000 as a way to gather together fans of particular subjects, whether movies, characters, objects, or anything else. The Fanlistings Network is a link directory for all of these fanlistings, maintained by a network of volunteers to ensure that all of its linked sites remain active.

There are only three things required from you in order to join a fanlisting: a name, email address, and country.

You do not have to have a website in order to join. However, if you do, it's always appreciated if you use one of the buttons to link back to this site and bring more fans this way.

Still have questions? You can learn more about fanlistings at The Fanlistings Network. Check out the introductory guide for an indepth explanation of what fanlistings are all about.

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